Hi, I'm Ashley, I'm a relaxed, bubbly and chilled out mummy of two children. My favourite things in life are, my babies, taking photos for my amazing clients, having unexpected adventures and baking with the girlies. My 3 worst things or fears are..... having MY photo taken..... singing out of tune and watching kids programmes past the time the children have gone to bed (I do this often!)

I've had an amazing path of adventures growing up and trying different things. I've always come back to photography, I guess I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. When I was young my dad showed me his 'back in the old times' SLR camera and I absolutely wanted it.... and with the encouragement of my family and my creative flare its magically materialised into everything I do today!


My favourite photography is weddings, My dream is to do it for all time.... forever..... even whilst I'm sleeping.... the magic that unfolds on these days is something never to be missed.