Rocking with the Parry Family!

What a day... and an amazing reunion! I'm so honoured to basically be the Parry Family Photographer! Watching this family grow and bloom has been amazing, all of the girls are gorgeous! This shoot itself too place on a Sunday afternoon, finding different spaces and seating unique and exciting moments, the sun was beaming and the smiles flowing!

This shoot was situated at Brighton Rock Garden, a beautiful place full of beautiful unique spaces and of course a beautiful family!!!!!

My Favourite thing about taking these photos was definitely my favourite trio, these little superstars are just amazing, they never failed to put a smile on anyones faces!

Brooke, the older and most confident model in the making had the most amazing smile on her face, never shying away from the perfect photo!!!!!!

Shauna..... Well what can I say about this beautiful girly?! SOOOOO much! Shauna is so graceful, knowing and doing without even being told to! (every photographers perfect child - but hay! They've done this before!

Thank you Parry Family! I Enjoy every day with you, and I look forward to the many more years to come xxxxx

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