Well..... theres something to be said about working with people on a daily basis..... and I honestly wouldn't change that for the world! people are my passion.... and now smoke bombs are too!

There's also something about having wedding photos on Brighton beach! almost everyone I know who gets married in Brighton has at least a few photos in a Brighton landmark, whether its the beach, rock garden, band stand or by the old pier..... so my thoughts were..... how do we make those photos unique.... for people with exciting ideas in your head about your wedding photos..... take a peak.... or even take a peek if you want some excitement for your eyes...

Before today i'd worked once with a smoke bomb.... and it was super windy so it didn't really work! today however, with the help of my amazing model Jess and my super partner in crime Alex we pulled off an epic adventure.... just by going down to the beach!

We had spectators cheering Alex on whilst he threw himself over the floor yielding a smoke grenade in his hands and directing smoke into each shot with perfection....

obviously we got some duds.... as seen below..... it was hilarious!

We also captured some crackers!

My favourite thing today was the amazing amazing people I had around me, plus of course on my favourite site to shoot weddings pics, Brighton Beach.

The weather was ever so slightly windy but generally perfect for shooting the most amazing smoke bombs photos!

What can I say? its been a truly learning curve day.... and for those who know me, I love exploring boundaries and literally jumping at speed at different things I want to try!

This was definitely one of those moments and now I'm flying with excitement!

It wasn't just smoke bomb pictures today however, we also had an adventure with taking timeless Brighton, Traditional and unique photos to stun the imagination and create those moments that just last for eternity!

and of course the pier.....

creating colour....

thank you to everyone who's helped our little adventure!

lets go have some more!!!!!

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